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About the Chronic Spoonful

Welcome to The Chronic Spoonful–the ultimate chronic illness podcast and blog for Spoonies! Your hosts, Nicole and Kelli, invite you to join us for talks about every day living with chronic illness including the ups, the downs, and all the in-betweens. We also have a blog where we’ll share important updates from time to time. As fellow Spoonies, we know there’s so much to navigate when you have a chronic illness, no matter how minor or how severe. After all, life with chronic illness is just MORE. And well, so are we! So expect some weird jokes, hard truths, no-holds-barred language alongside some good advice and useful tools for navigating this crazy Spoonie life!


Our Podcast Focus

What are some of the things we talk about?


We’re not afraid to talk about the stuff they tell you to stay away from at the dinner table, and money is one of those issues. Chronic illness hits the wallet in weird ways, and we’ll talk about how. We’ll also discuss the Disability system, and the things that impact people trying to navigate a confusing set of rules.


Spoonies know that people loooooove to give us advice about our bodies. Exercise more. Eat this. Try this supplement. You just need a nap. UGH. We’ll talk about THAT frustration, but also what good advice is out there for different types of disorders (an no, there isn’t one-size-fits-all).


When you’re first diagnosed you think it’s just a disease to manage, right? No one talks about how the disease can take over your entire life. So we’ll have those discussions. How it eats the calendar alive and how to manage your time…and what to prioritize.


I’m fine. It’s fine. It’s all fine.
But it’s not.
We’ve all learned to push aside our emotions and feelings to make others comfortable, right? But we know there is a huge impact on our mental health when our lives change, and when we see others doing things we can’t. It’s the way of having these disorders. It’s something we discuss a lot, and we talk about ways to deal with those feelings. Healthy ways to deal, and healthy ways to feel.


Why The Chronic Spoonful Podcast?

Sheesh. Another Chronic Illness Podcast? Well, this is why.

We’re Hilarious

No, we’re really not kidding that we have a way of making fun of the weirdest things. And we aren’t squeamish. So you’re not going to be dealing with the prissiest chronic illness queens here.

Truth Tellers

Tough stuff and nothing but the truth. Well, we’re really not people who abide by BS, and we’re not here to just be all sunshine and lollipops. That’s not chronic illness. So we’ll tell it like it is. In all it’s glory. This is a chronic illness podcast, after all.

Multiple Illness Perspectives

We want to tell the chronic illness story from multiple illness perspectives. So many chronic illness podcasts and blogs tell it from one perspective. This is the Fibro blog. This is Lupus podcast. But here you already have two hosts with two very different chronic illnesses, and we want to explore the similarities and differences between all of them.

Old & New

Not only will we be exploring the differences between types of chronic illnesses, but we also want to take a look at the newbies to the Spoonie Club and those that have been here for a long, long time. Sharing our experiences.

Awesome Speakers

We’ll be bringing on speakers that can discuss their own experiences with chronic illness from the disease perspective, medical perspective, mental health world, and more.

The Adventure

And hey, just join us for the podcast and blogging adventure.

Did I mention we were a lot of fun?


Finding The Chronic Spoonful Podcast

Where Can You Find and Listen to This Awesome Podcast? Besides listening right here on our website, you can also find our podcast on these streaming sites so you can take it with you anywhere you go!
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Who are We?

Meet Your Spoonie Hosts & Bloggers Extraordinaire!
Nicole and Kelli Back When
Nicole and Kelli Lunch
Nicole and Kelli Calvary Picnic

We’re Nicole and Kelli, the hosts of this crazy adventure. We’ve known each other for…well…let’s just put it at decades, okay? At different points throughout out friendship, we were each diagnosed with our own chronic illnesses. Nicole primarily with her Lupus SLE and Kelli with hEDS and POTS.

In 2021 we decided to start The Chronic Spoonful Podcast, because we just didn’t hear many voices out there talking honestly about Spoonie issues. We go through a lot of unique things, difficult things, and we were tired of being so “invisible.” So, we thought it was time to use our loud mouths and bring these issues to the forefront–one podcast episode at a time.

Through the podcast and blog we’ve met so many of our fellow Spoonies with so many needs that aren’t being met, and we realized that a chronic illness podcast and blog weren’t even enough. We’ve now made it our mission to create more products and items that are geared toward our community. The Chronic Spoonful Life Planner is the start. The store is another. We want to bring you what you NEED. The things that will make your days, our days easier. The things that make all of us feel less alone and isolated. That’s why we started this adventure, after all.

So, we like to say, Spoonies Unite, because this is going to be one heck of a journey for all of us!

Nicole & Kelli


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