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Best Places to Live for Spoonies: Our Take

best places to live for spoonies

Try doing a Google search for Best Places to live when you have a chronic illness, and you’ll get a bevy of articles listing out where to live. Top ten lists, top five…even top 100. All of them outlining why their list is best, and they know what’s right for you. But when it comes to best places to live for Spoonies, there’s only a few things that matter–and a lot of the time those things are highly individual.

On this episode, we discuss where some of these lists got things right, and where you need to take the lists with a grain of salt. We look at how each person might find places that are on the tops of these lists problematic, but where they might really like those areas. We also outline what you should consider before a move and how you should consider a new city or state. 

And we’re sure there are going to be varied opinions on some of these top localities. There is local pride at stake in some cases, and also you all may have some great advice to share about places you’ve lived and why they work or don’t work for fellow Spoonies. So post away on our Facebook page. We’d love to hear your insight! 

My Chronic Spoonful Life PlannerWe also encourage you to check out our My Chronic Spoonful Life Planner where you can track everything going on with your chronic illness. It comes in a downloadable form that you can print, a digital form you can use in apps like GoodNotes and Notability, or a quarterly hard copy. 

Have a great week, everyone!

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