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Cannabis & Chronic Illness Episode 2: CBD & THC – Keys to Symptom & Pain Relief

CBD & THC as Keys to Symptom & Pain Relief

Any experienced Spoonie will voice a level of frustration when it comes to getting relief from their symptoms or chronic pain. A lot of the time we can get some relief from our symptoms using traditional pharmaceuticals, physical therapy, food therapy, etc. However, a lot of research is beginning to show that CBD and THC can be keys to symptom and pain relief for people with chronic illnesses.

On this week’s episode we dive deeper into how CBD and THC can be used as keys to symptom and pain relief. We welcome Holly Anderson, Administrator for the Medical Cannabis DIY Community. She discusses how cannabis, especially strains of CBD, have helped her overcome symptoms of her traumatic head injury. She talks about how she’s using experience to help those around her.

We dive deeper into the types of cannabis and CBD out there. We talk about how the types can affect us. So we dive into how we can combine strains and terpenes. And we go into experimenting to find what is our best combination for our situations. We also discuss how to find your community when it comes to this new cannabis adventure we’re on. The hardest part in getting started can be overcoming the stigma created around cannabis!

So take a listen. And join us in the Facebook group to continue the discussion! If you want to go deeper and get started making your own medical cannabis, you can join the Medical Cannabis DIY Facebook group, or if you want to discuss more and ask questions before you even think about trying cannabis for your chronic illness, email us or join us in our private Facebook group to explore the issue further!

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