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Cannabis & Chronic Illness Episode 3: Cannabis in the Kitchen

Cannabis in the Kitchen

We all know about edibles – those gummies and cookies infused with THC and CBD. However, cannabis in the kitchen can go so much further, and the plant can actually be incorporated into our diet in ways that can help us alleviate pain, decrease inflammation, and add vitamins and nutrients to our daily intake.

That’s why, in the third (and final) episode of our Cannabis and Chronic Illness Series, we’re discussing cannabis and nutrition with Cristina Montoya, a registered dietician, who is also certified in cannabis nutrition. She talks with us about how we can go beyond what we know about ingesting cannabis. Christina even shows us how we can incorporate more of the plant in our diets. She explains how using cannabis in the kitchen can be easy and nutritious.

Christina also has an AMAZING story of how she came to use cannabis in her food. It wasn’t an easy choice for her at first. She also lives in Canada, so she explains the difference in being a cannabis user in Canada vs. the U.S. We haven’t discussed international use on our shows before.

Really, there was so much to talk about, we just couldn’t stop talking. It was hard to end the show when we did!  We could’ve talked to Cristina for hours about cannabis in the kitchen.

If you’d like to visit Cristina’s website, the Arthritis Dietician or enjoy her Instagram, we know you’ll continue to learn so much more from her.

We also hope you’ve enjoyed the Cannabis and Chronic Illness series! With all the information we didn’t get to, we’re sure this won’t be our only series on the topic. Let us know what you’d like to hear more about in the comments or join us in our discussion on our Facebook page. We’d love to hear from you!

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