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Dear Texas…A Spoonie’s Guide to the Texas Abortion Law

Texas Abortion Law and Chronic Illness

Here’s the gist of this very special episode…Yes, we talk abortion on this episode. No, we don’t debate abortion on this episode. How is that? Well, as you know by now, we respect everyone’s opinions here. This podcast is a NO JUDGEMENT ZONE. So when we decided to do an episode to talk about how the Texas abortion law would impact Spoonies, we knew we had to not debate the right or wrong of abortion itself. We are just going to talk about the law and what it means for someone with chronic illness. Period.

And yes, we know this will be a hard episode for die-hard pro-life folks. We get you. However, there are deeper impacts legally than just pregnancies and fetuses and maternal health. It impacts an entire legal and health system…and that impacts anyone with chronic illness in huge ways. We have to talk about this law. So, it’s okay if you want to sit this one out. We respect that, because we respect that you believe what you believe, and abortion discussions are insanely emotional for people.

This decision to do this episode wasn’t one we took lightly. We know abortion is so controversial. However, not discussing something that impacts Spoonies because it might upset some people or lose us listeners or get us some hate mail…well that was unacceptable to us. We’re here to talk about living with chronic illness, and this Texas abortion law could impact a part of many of your lives (and potentially the rest of us as other states adopt this law or laws like it).

So we moved forward and tried to give the discussion the utmost respect it deserved with the least amount of judgement for either side of the abortion debate. Our focus really tried to stay on the law. And so we ask, and we say this in bold, that you refrain from debating abortion in the comments here, on Facebook or on any of our social media. We will delete inappropriate, harmful, hateful, or hurtful comments, period. We’re not debating abortion. We’re talking about the law and the law only. Again, let’s keep this a respectful zone. Honor one another and the struggles we go through. 

With all that being said…we hope you listen with an open heart and mind.

Thank you all for supporting us, being kind, and we do wish you a good week!

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