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How to Get What You Need from Your Doctor – New Podcast Episode!

How to Talk to Your Doctor

We’re in a lot of different chronic illness groups, and one of the topics that seems to cross all the groups is the frustration we have with our care. A lot of you new to the medical world don’t know how to get what you need from our doctor, and it can be so scary and frustrating. You don’t know how to ask for what you need, find out what you need, or where to go when you don’t feel like you’re getting what you need. So we decided to address the issue on this week’s episode.

Both of us have been in the medical world for a while. Nicole received her diagnosis over 17 years ago, and she’s a nurse. Meanwhile, Kelli has a more recent diagnosis, she’s worked with doctors in mental health and detention facilities. We have a good amount of experience working with and around doctors. So we explain why sometimes it can be difficult to get what you need from your doctor–which isn’t always their fault, by the way. It’s complicated.

However, you can do quite a few things to help yourself. Well, isn’t that just the way of being a Spoonie?? We walk you through some red flags, how to research your doctors, and when the relationship just isn’t working for you. We also make a fun announcement about our soon-to-come My Chronic Spoonful Life Planner that we’re super excited about!!! Eeek!

So join us this week for all the crazy banter and conversation. We hope you will find something that helps you navigate your relationship with your doctors! And feel free to share your advice in the comments and in the Facebook group! We’d love to hear from you!

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