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Our Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

The Way We See It


The two of us had been talking about wanting to do a chronic illness podcast for a long time, but could never find the right topic. We knew we were hilarious (like, duh!), but we also wanted to find a way to help our fellow Spoonies. So here are a few of the things to keep in mind for our Vision and Mission:

Our Mission Statement:
To foster discussion and bring to the world an understanding about chronic disease and its implications.

(gosh, that sounds so serious, but it’s really the underlying reason for this chronic illness podcast and blog!)

Our Vision:
1. Be kind. Even in humor, find the kindness and caring for people. This crap is hard enough as it is.

2. Have a sense of humor. Life is hard enough with chronic illness. Don’t make it harder by taking life too seriously.

3. Be accepting of each other. We are an open environment. There is a reason our graphic has different color spoons. Not just because there are so many different chronic illnesses out there, but that there are different people of races, beliefs, orientations and more. We are an open door here.

4. Honesty is essential. We will be honest with you. So while you may see ads here sometimes, we’re going to try and make sure the things we do have ads for are things we endorse from companies we stand by. We’ll tell you if we’ve tried something or not. And we want feedback from you if you think things don’t work.

5. We aren’t doctors. So that’s not just part of our vision statement, but a disclaimer, too. While we’d love to tell you one medicine will work better than another, we aren’t your doctor. Nicole may be a nurse, but she isn’t your nurse. We’ll discuss things we read in journals, a new CDC announcement, or a new news snippet, but your doc always knows better! Trust them. We do. And we’ll remind you of that, too.

6. Champion each other. We’re going to be supportive here. Chronic illness is just tough. Let’s be champions for one another. Share stories. We want to be your champions. We want to help lift you up.

Nicole & Kelli

The Chronic Spoonful

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