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The Patients’ Bill of Rights: A Must Know for Spoonies!

Patients' Bill of Rights

It’s amazing to us how many people don’t know that they have certain rights when they walk into the door of a medical facility. We shouldn’t be shocked. It’s not like anyone went out of their way to make sure you or any of the rest of us knew we had them. They didn’t. We think there may have been some blips on the news about the Patients’ Bill of Rights, but that’s about it. 

However, these rights are essential for Spoonies to know. We can’t tell you how many times we’re in our groups online and someone tells us about a disrespectful doctor or how they received a treatment that was contraindicated with something they were already on. They had no idea they could refuse treatment, or that they had a right to respect in a medical facility.

The Patients’ Bill of Rights Isn’t Optional!

But you do have rights. You have a lot of them, and these doctors, nurses, other care staff and the administrators need to respect them. IT IS THE LAW. 

Whew! Talking about this gets us really heated up. It really gets under our craw when we feel our fellow Spoonies are being mistreated. The Patients’ Bill of Rights was designed to protect you and ensure proper and equal treatment for everyone. So on this week’s episode we go over each aspect of the law and what you have a right to expect. We lay it out in detail.

And let us tell you, it’s no short episode, but it’s an essential one. You might need to take a break, take some notes, whatever you need to do. But don’t miss this episode.

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Have a great week, everyone!

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