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Pets and Chronic Illness: The Service, Support, and Rescue Pets That Enhance Our Spoonie Lives

Pets and Chronic Illness

On this week’s podcast episode we talk about something we underestimate in our chronic illness lives – pets. We tend to focus on meds, therapies, cannabis, herbs…and anything we can put in or do to our bodies. However, studies after studies are coming out showing the benefits of pets and chronic illness patients.

So we’re covering a wide range of topics when it comes to pets and chronic illness patients from service and support animals to our regular rescue pets. Many of us in the Spoonie community think the only potential we have for an animal in our lives is if we have a severe chronic illness that requires a service animal–but that simply isn’t true. 

We’ll cover this week how it’s possible for most of us with chronic illnesses to care for pets, even when our illnesses get bad or finances get tough. We’ll also talk about how to find the right kind of pets for your needs, and what rights you have with what kinds of pets. For instance, what rights do you have with a service animal versus a support animal – and what’s the difference between those anyhow??

Also, as promised in the episode, we’re linking to some major national organizations below that can be helpful in getting you started on your pet-finding journey. However, you should also look locally for adoption efforts and any assistance in pet food banks or vaccination efforts. You can find those below.

And in the meantime, while we hug our podcast mascots (Calleigh and Finn want treats, but the vet says hugs are much better for them), you give love to your own pets and service animals. They are all deserving of love and respect for the unconditional love they give to us every day. And we would love, love, love to see your babies in the Facebook group and on Instagram. Let us fawn over them!!

Have a great week everyone, and don’t forget: Adopt, don’t shop!

Important Links:


ADA National Network:

Clear the Shelters

PetSmart Foundation Spay & Neuter Clinics

Paws with a Cause (Service Dogs)

Assistance Dogs International

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