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Living the Joyful Spoonie Life with Chronic Migraines

Chronic Migraines

If you’ve ever gotten a migraine, then you know what a terrible thing it is. Now, make that condition something chronic. Like something you have all the time. Living with chronic migraines can easily send you down a dark, dark, dark hole of despair and hating the world. However, our latest podcast guest decided to go the opposite direction and embrace the light and joy in life. Lauren Fairbanks of the Enjoy the Journey Podcast, decided to embrace life and live it to its fullest in spite of living every day with chronic migraines.

She speaks to us in this episode about how she was diagnosed with her condition when she was a child and what it was like growing up with a chronic illness that can be so debilitating. She also educates us on what migraines really are, and the different ways we can treat them–and corrects us on some misunderstandings about the condition. We learned so much!

We also had a great time with Lauren, because she spreads joy wherever she goes. She really does enjoy her journey, and she talks about how she learned to embrace that perspective. It was a lesson we could all learn to take pieces of and apply to our own chronic illness journeys.

You can download the episode today on your favorite podcast service or listen here.

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