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You Mean It Isn’t In My Head & Sjogren’s: Episode 5

This week we were so excited to welcome Dr. Susan Masterson to the podcast to talk about her book, You Mean It Isn’t In My Head: What Sjogren’s Syndrome Is and What You Can Do About It (you can find it on Amazon). So many of us go from doctor to doctor for years being told what we have is anything from a cold to depression to menopause. It’s always something minimal or it’s just in our heads. Until it’s not.

Dr. Masterson walks us through her Sjogren’s journey and why it was so important for her to write this book. Spoonies get being dismissed for years, and that satisfaction of finally getting that diagnosis, but she also takes us through Sjogren’s itself and how it differs from other Chronic illnesses. On top of that, we talk about diet, exercise, and self-care–all things we need across the chronic illness spectrum.

Join us this week on the Chronic Spoonful Podcast. You can download the podcast on your favorite platform or on our podcast page. Also, Dr. Masterson is offering a free e-book on her page if you sign up for her email list today! We totally recommend doing this. Once you sign up for her list, she will be sending you updates for her upcoming classes on self-care. We can all use a little more self-care in our chronic illness journeys!

Sign up for Dr. Masterson’s list today!

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