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Post-Pandemic Anxiety: When the New Normal Doesn’t Feel Normal

post-pandemic anxiety

As people are getting vaccinated and the world is opening up, there’s a whole lot of us that are suffering from what is being called post-pandemic anxiety. For people with chronic illness, this is even more prevalent, because we have so much more to consider with autoimmune issues, fatigue, physical limitations, and more.

It’s hard when the return to normal feels anything but normal, right? And what is “normal” now anyway? The questions just swirl around our heads, and it creates this anxiety about the future. 

So we asked a professional to help us navigate all of this anxiety. Our special guest, Carrie Corby, LCSW, came on the show this week to answer our questions about how to deal with this post-pandemic anxiety–especially as it relates to those of us with chronic illnesses.

We discuss how to calm all the voices in our heads. Carrie gives us proven techniques to calm us down when anxiety threatens to overwhelm us. She also gives us tools to help navigate a system that seems stacked against us as the world reopens.

So take a listen!

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