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TCS is Your GPS: The Road from Chronic Illness Diagnosis to Acceptance

From Diagnosis to Acceptance

The road to chronic illness diagnosis is a winding, tricky, sticky, long and frustrating one. We aren’t going to sugar coat it. Often we go a long time before we even get to a diagnosis. By then we’re already lost and exhausted.

Then we have to continue on this road after our diagnosis of trying to navigate our illness. Those early days can be so confusing and full of a Pandora’s box of emotions that overwhelm us.

On this episode we try to be a bit like a GPS navigating our newbies on this crazy Spoonie road. We’ll go through all the things we’ve learned on our chronic illness travels. We share lessons we’ve learned and things we’ve gleaned from others. Plus we offer tips and tricks for making it to acceptance and learning to just live our best lives with our chronic illness.

For those of you not-so-newbies, this episode will be a reminder of just how far you’ve come from those early days when you first got your chronic illness diagnosis, and we encourage your to listen and then go to the Facebook group to share your experiences. And hey, you might pick up a tip or two along the way. The more we share, the more we grow.

And as a reminder, we have the My Chronic Spoonful Life Planner available to help you organize your chronic illness life. It can help you track your daily progress, meal planning, blood pressure, blood sugar, water intake, exercise, doctor visits, insurance, and more. All the things we wish we didn’t have to track–but we totally do. It’s available in a digital format or a quarterly hard copy.

For those of you entering the Johns-Hopkins Study Nicole was discussing, you can find out more information on it HERE.

Also, if you’re feeling anxious about all the post-pandemic openings, we do have an episode on how to manage that anxiety. You can listen to it HERE.

Thanks again everyone for listening! Have a great week!!

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