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The Chronic Spoonful Podcast Launch Week

Welcome to The Chronic Spoonful Podcast Launch Week! We are officially trying not to do cartwheels or jump up and down over here, because we know it would just about kill our bodies, but we sooooo want to. After many conversations about what we’d want to talk about, months of planning how we’d do this around our work schedule and flares, and if we could manage to bring you all the best content…WE DID IT!!

We think it’s hard for people without chronic illness to imagine what an accomplishment it is for us to even just get something like this off the ground, but we know our community gets it. It takes an immense amount of effort. You know what it’s like when you can’t find the words to type for a blog post because your brain fog is thick like pea soup. Or your fingers won’t work to move the mouse to create that graphic design you need. Or your vocal chords are shot from how your flare is acting up that day. Or you even have those days you can’t imagine doing a thing, because your only accomplishment is rolling over in bed.

Yeah, so we’re going to take a second and toot our own horns and celebrate this whole week. Woohoo! This first episode focuses on something we all deal with, not just right now due to COVID, but always–isolation. We talk about what it feels like, why it happens, and how we can deal with it. You may even be able to hear a little bit from our Chronic Spoonful mascots, Finn and Calleigh. After all, you never know when those crazy pups will pop up in our podcasts.

So now that we’ve launched, what’s next for our crazy duo? We’ll, we’re busy planning the next episode. We learned a lot from this first one, and we’ll share a bit over this week, so check out Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for some stories about that. However, we’ve got some great topics planned. We’ll be discussing how to talk to your doctor, how we deal with the rude things people say to us, menopause and its impact on chronic illness, marijuana and other drugs in the treatment of our illnesses, navigating brain fog, dating and relationships, raising children when you’re a spoonie, mental health and chronic illness, finances and your illnesses and so so so much more. We’ll be bringing on some great guests to share their expertise and experiences.

It’s going to be a wonderful adventure, and we’re so excited that you’re choosing to join us on this journey.


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