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The Spoonies’ Guide to Traveling with Chronic Illness

Spoonies Guide to Traveling with Chronic Illness

It’s the heart of summer, and there is no reason why you should be stuck at home while everyone else goes off on their travel adventures. Many people think once they get a chronic illness their days of travel are over. That’s it. They’re done. That traveling with chronic illness is impossible. They are home bound, and they’ll never be able to achieve those bucket list travel dreams.

Except you can, with a little more planning (okay, yes, always a little MORE with Spoonies, we get it) and maybe some adjustments.

On this episode we discuss how you can make traveling a little easier for your Spoonie life. For instance, what things you need to think about before you go that maybe you didn’t need to think about before. Some of it you may know, or you may even do already. You may even have some “aha” moments. And who knows, in our infinite Spoonie knowledge, we may have missed some things. (Us? NEVER!! Haha!).  

What we hope you get out of this is the idea that you can still travel with chronic illness. You can still get out there and see the world, and enjoy more than your couch. We encourage you to also share your experiences in the Facebook group, because we are sure we didn’t cover all aspects of traveling with chronic illness. 

And as a reminder, you can still get the My Chronic Spoonful Life Planner in both the digital and quarterly hard copy versions. This planner will help you keep your Spoonie life in order. This way you can have all your info in one place!

Have a great week everyone!

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