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WE GOT NOMINATED! WEGO Health Awards Nomination

WEGO Health Awards Nomination

Wow! That’s all we could say at first. It’s such an honor to even be thought of for a nomination, really. We’re such a small podcast in the world of podcasts, and even health podcasts. Yet here we are getting a WEGO Health Awards nomination? In two categories?! What?! Life is crazy sometimes. So yes, we got nominated for Best in Show: Podcast and Best Team Performance.

Now, we don’t expect to win. We’re sure we’re going up against some bigger and better nominees. However, we just started this podcast a couple months ago. You guys keep spoiling us with attention. Seriously. We love you all. Getting a WEGO Health Awards nomination may spoil us a bit, but it also motivates us to just keep bringing you bigger and better things.

We hope you all keep enjoying the podcast, and we hope to keep bringing Spoonie life out of the darkness for people. That was and continues to be our goal. No more of this invisibility stuff. We have lives to live, even with our chronic illnesses. No more of this not being seen or heard because people find it “uncomfortable.” Get comfortable with it, people. We’re not hiding anymore! Yeah! Spoonies Unite!

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