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What NOT to Say to Someone with Chronic Illness: Podcast Episode 2 is LIVE

What we week! Our Launch Party was so much fun, and we are so grateful for the embrace we’ve received. You listeners are AWESOME. We’re excited to keep bringing relevant content to all of you, like this week’s what not to say to someone with chronic illness episode, so suggestions are always welcome. We have a million ideas, but we’d love to hear yours, too.

This week on the podcast we’re covering something we ALL deal with: those platitudes and verbal offerings from people that make us C-R-I-N-G-E!! We’re going over what NOT to say to someone with a chronic illness, and truthfully it was hard for us to just go over the few that we did on the show. That’s why we created a more expanded list than what we whined abo—er, discussed.

But like we said on the show, we’d be remiss if we didn’t address what our Chronic Illness Allies CAN say. If we’re going to educate our friends and family, we should be able to tell them the right things to say and why.

Download your copy below. Hey, hang it up by your desk if you want. Frame it. People need to know, right?

And join is in the discussion. Download the podcast (it’s easy, you can just click here, and go to your favorite podcast provider), then add your pet peeves, things you’ve heard, how you’ve responded to the comments. You can add them here on the blog. We also have the private Facebook group if you want to vent. Or head over to Instagram, too! We’re everywhere.

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